Set the agenda

Our Forums are small special interest groups made up of Manchester Digital members, that focus in on areas of our industry that require change or action. 

The need and actions of each are defined by the members, they may include:

  • Lobbying to local/national government to change or introduce a policy
  • Taking direct action and deliver a project that addresses a gap in provision
  • Providing a place to share knowledge and best practice on a specific topic

Each forum has a Chair and all are facilitated and managed by the Manchester Digital team. 

In order to maintain momentum, each group has a set remit and a set of commitments that each member must agree to before joining the group. Groups accept new members twice a year as this ensures that groups are manageable and productive and most importantly are able to deliver value to the wider membership.

All members will benefit from the work of these groups and all minutes, projects and actions will be shared across the usual Manchester Digital channels.

Established Forums:

Employer’s Forum

Small Business Forum

Infrastructure Forum

Greater Manchester Comms Committee

Join Manchester Digital


Over 250 staff
£1,800 annually


College or University
£540 annually


Sole trader
£60 annually


Trading for less than 12 months
£60 annually


2-10 staff
£120 annually


11-25 staff
£300 annually


26-50 staff
£540 annually


51-250 staff
£1,020 annually