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Social Media content and interaction specialist

Ag3ncy - Manchester

Full-time (Permanent)
Published on
4 April 2023
31 May 2023

About Agency

Ag3ncy is a Web3 marketing agency, our team consists of strategic and creative marketing specialists as well as community managers. We are a team of Web3 industry experts that have had a hand in raising over $USD20m for 40+ projects.

Our core team contains investors, developers, and company founders active and experienced in the Web3 space allowing them to provide the best support for their clients.

We work with projects across the globe and the metaverse and their clients cover DeFi, gaming, digital fashion, marketplaces and more.

Key skills

  • Excellent copywriting skills 

  • Content presentation skills and 

  • Content delivery skills

  • Knowledge of very basic design concepts and tools

  • Passion for knowledge about the Web3 ecosystem 

  • Ability to keep up with the fast-paced nature of the space.

  • Multitasking and organisational skills 

  • Editorial competency 

  • Good analytical abilities to spot patterns and trends in content marketing data

Key responsibilities

  • Content topic research and strategy

  • Content creation and scheduling

  • Keyword research and SEO

  • Assisting with creation of graphic assets for community and social

  • Social Analytics

  • Maintaining a set of templated tweets / comments for each client

  • Daily interactions with client’s landscape (targeting and tweeting via tweet hunter)

  • Getting the best out of tweet hunter


The role constitutes planning, designing, creating, editing, and publishing relevant content based on the client’s business objectives and users' needs. The crux of the job is to develop a content strategy that conforms to and sets out to achieve the outlined business goals.

This includes content creation, curation, planning, and research. The main focus of the position is to ensure content and the corresponding interactions align with the client’s brand and adds value to existing and prospective clients.

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