Backend Engineer at Chalkboard

Chalkboard - Manchester

Full-time (Permanent)
£30k - 45k | Equity

About this role

We’re looking for a software engineer to work on our GraphQL API, other backend services, and full stack on web-based apps. Our stack is Node.js, PostgreSQL, React, GraphQL for web and backend. You’ll work alongside other engineers who will work on our Swift and Kotlin native mobile apps and rely on the GraphQL API.

We will consider hiring at either junior, mid or senior level (we're building a team).

A typical day

The mornings will usually have a standup meeting. The aim is to update everyone, co-ordinate the day, and organise any collaboration.

After that, you may get stuck into some coding, or developing ideas. At various points you will ask for advice (or give advice). If other team members are free, you might go to a whiteboard together, and work on some problems together.

When working on a major feature/project, you’d be given a brief by the product manager. You would then have to create a design document along with a product designer. That might be a 2-3 page doc describing the problem and proposed solution.

Usually, you would say how you’re approaching the issue and discuss alternatives you have considered and why you rejected them. You would pitch it to the product manager and the rest of the team.

On other days, the focus may be on pure coding, i.e. improving fix, fixing problems, or working on deploying a feature.

Where you’ll work

We have a base in Beehive Lofts in Ancoats in Manchester.

You will occasionally need to travel to see customers, although you wouldn’t necessarily need a car to be able to do that. Full travel expenses will be paid.

There is a lift in the building with ground level access, and should you need to use this we can arrange a visit to check it is suitable.

Necessary skills

  • Great written communicator
  • Able to work with others in the team to develop ideas and designs, approachable and easy going
  • Can work quickly but maintain quality
  • Puts the customer at the heart of all product decisions, on a constant quest to understand the customer’s wants and needs
  • Able to put together collaborative documents to communicate the possible approaches and recommended implementation for new features
  • Attention to detail, we create quality products

Qualifications and experience

  • 3+ years of experience as a software developer
  • Solid Node.js and JavaScript knowledge
  • Desirable: GraphQL experience
  • Desirable: PostgreSQL experience
  • Desirable: Typescript experience
  • Desirable: React experience (or similar framework)
  • Desirable: Mobile app development experience

Salary & benefits

  • Excellent salary (depends on level hired at - junior, mid or senior)
  • Pension
  • Travel expenses
  • Mobile phone allowance
  • Coffee, tea & snacks provided

About Chalkboard Software Limited

Who are we?

Local businesses feel left behind by technology. And yet, 40-55% of total monthly household budgets are spent locally, and the average person visits 7 local businesses a month. Chalkboard makes simple tools that make local businesses convenient to work with, driving more customers through their door.

We are taking the same technology that is transforming enterprise, simplifying it, making it truly mobile-first, and putting it in the hands of deserving local business heroes.

Chalkboard has ambitions to become a global multi-billion pound business and a leader in our space. But right now, we’re a small team with solid seed-stage funding, a promising mission, and a plan.

Our recruitment process

It’s very important to write a personal note to explain why you’re applying and talk about how you fit into the role we describe here. Talk about the kind of products we’re building and your opinions on how we should be doing it. But keep it succinct.

You’ll next hear from us about whether you’ve advanced to the next part of the application process, which is a short own-time challenge that never takes more than a few hours and is clearly defined. There are no brainteasers, whiteboard exercises, or pressured real-time tests.

From there, we’ll organise phone or in-person interviews with a focus on the challenge you’ve already taken.

Other information

We don't care about your gender, race, sexuality, age, or whether you have disabilities we need to accommodate. We're simply looking for someone that can deliver.

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