Senior Delivery Manager

DfE Digital - Manchester

Full-time (Permanent)
£49,269 - £56,863
Published on
16 December 2019
5 January 2020

Our delivery professionals work on a diverse range of projects, products and services within DfE Digital. We’re looking for people with strong interpersonal skills who enjoy working in a demanding, high profile agile environment.

We’re looking for people who are passionate about agile working, who care about technology and who know how to make projects succeed. You will be bright, empathetic and persuasive.

It is essential you are are able to:

  • Coach and lead teams in Agile and Lean practices. Be a recognised expert that advocates these approaches, continuously reflecting and challenging the team. Create or tailor new ways of working and always be innovating.
  • Be able to mediate and mend relationships, communicating with internal and external stakeholders at all levels. Be able to manage stakeholders’ expectations and facilitate discussions across high risk and complexity or under constrained timescales.
  • Be able to optimise the delivery flow of teams. Be able to actively manage the most complicated risks, issues and dependencies. Be able to identify innovative ways to unblock issues.
  • Be able to identify and challenge organisational processes. Be able to add value and coach the organisation to inspect and adapt processes. Guide teams through the implementation of a new process.
  • Be able to lead a continual planning process in a very complex environment. Be able to plan beyond product delivery. Be able to identify dependencies in plans across services and coordinate delivery. Coach other teams as the central point of expertise.
  • Be able to identify problems or issues in the team dynamic and rectify them. Be able to pull out issues through Agile health-checks with the team and provoke the right responses. Be able to engage in varying types of feedback choosing the right type at the appropriate time and ensuring the discussion and decision sticks. Be able to accelerate the team development cycle.

It is desirable that the successful candidate will:

  • Be able to take responsibility for complex relationships with contracted suppliers. Be able to identify appropriate contractual frameworks. Be able to identify and negotiate with appropriate suppliers. Be able to get good value out of contracts and suppliers.
  • Be able to negotiate, influence or set budgets in complex environments. Be able to write or input into business cases and communicate business value propositions.
  • Be able to apply experience of multiple parts of the lifecycle. Be able to recognise when it is right to move forward and when it is right to stop. Be able to recognise the appropriate deliverables and the right people to meet these. Be able to work with other Agile delivery operations throughout the product lifecycle. Be able to plan and engage with the appropriate stakeholders at a particular stage in the project. Understand traditional delivery practices in large and complex organisations. 

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