Senior Service Designer

Department for Education Digital -

Full-time (Permanent)
£49,269 - £56,863
Published on
9 October 2019
20 October 2019

As a Senior Service Designer, you will:

• Provide service design leadership and direction and contribute more widely to the future of service design across government
• Work closely with other government departments for a cohesive approach to service design as well as to design services that need to work across departments where necessary
• Prioritise understanding the needs and actual behaviour of users and help teams use this insight to underpin and drive the work they do
• Assess performance of services and teams against digital by default standards
• Help others to think through, communicate and help people understand how things could be, using facilitation skills, sketches, scenarios and diagrams such as maps, blueprints and prototypes
• Know how to design accessible digital services and help others to do so
• Analyse demand and failure within a service, identify root causes for that failure, frame problems, identify desired outcomes and key measures – and facilitate others to do so
• Mentor and coach individuals, service teams and other parts of the organisation, run training and workshops to facilitate learning.

We work on really important services. Things like reducing workload and stress for teachers, making sure children in care get the best opportunities in life and helping adults get the skills they need for the future economy.

You’ll be working with people who value user research and design and you’ll be creating work you’ll feel proud of.

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