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Software Engineer Cyber Security £75,000

ECOM Recruitment -

Full-time (Permanent)
£60,000 +

Benefits; share options, Life insurance, privet medical insurance

Remote working: 5 days in the office core hours 9 - 5 (flexible start any time 8 am and 9:30 am)

An opportunity to join the most innovative and agile Java development team in the Northwest, working in the cyber security industry.

Tech stack.

* Java 8 - 11
* AWS (not essential)
* Spring boot
* Gradle
* Mockito

The client takes on different levels of software engineers, from university graduates to 20+ year seniors, so there is potential for everybody.

The client operates in the cyber security industry, developing different security tools for organisations like Barclays, Samsung, and Microsoft. They are aiming to create a tool that is used globally for web security.

In terms of tech, the client does not fixate on knowledge of any stack since you'll be able to learn anything new very quickly. Of course, you'll need to know core Java inside-out. Aside from that, some knowledge of SQL, REST, and JavaScript would be beneficial. Prior knowledge of web security is not necessary.

The personality that the client is looking for is you must thrive on being surrounded by other exceptional people. You'll know there is always more than one perspective on any problem, be willing to have your thinking challenged, and help work towards a consensus. There are no defensive prima donnas here. Since you're no longer the smartest person in the room, it's your emotional intelligence that will let you succeed.

Let's be honest. Most software development teams are composed of one or two stars, a few competent players, and the bulk of warm bodies who make up the numbers. We're different. The client only recruits' people who, in any other team, would be right at the top of the ability pyramid.

Do you think you are at the top of the pyramid?

Apply now and find out your limits

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