Integrations Product Manager

Matillion - Greater Manchester

Full-time (Permanent)
Greater Manchester
Published on
2 September 2019

Matillion, a company with all 5-star customer product reviews on AWS Marketplace and all 5-star employee reviews on Glassdoor; are expanding the teams across all functions globally. As a company we are confident without arrogance, customer obsessed and care about our people and communities. With rapid growth underway for 2019, we are looking for people to join Matillion who share our integrity, drive, and passion.

Within our Altrincham office, we are looking for a Integrations Product Manager to join #TeamGreen. 

Matillion is built around small development teams with responsibility for specific themes and initiatives. An Integration Product Manager should define and manage the processes of providing as many high-quality, robust, well documented data-connectors as possible across all Matillion ETL products.

Key Areas of Responsibility

  • Vendor Management 
  • Define Representative Test Data
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Prioritise Competing Development Tasks
  • Bug and Feature Triage
  • Product Marketing Liaison 

Functional or Technical Knowledge and Skills Required


  • Good awareness of the market-fit for various relational and non-relational databases, their use-cases and customer base.
  • Experience of migrating data from one system to another (e.g. Data Warehousing, Data Migration or Systems Integration)Proficient in SQL.
  • Experience of working with multiple relational databases.
  • Experience of working with at least one major non-relational database.
  • Experience of working directly with APIs to retrieve data.


  • Awareness of the market-fit for various data-driven business tools e.g. Salesforce, Marketo, Stripe.
  • Experience of using the AWS, Google or Microsoft Clouds.

 Personal Capabilities Required, e.g. skills, attitude, strengths

  • Determined - Keeping a clear vision for a deliverable and not having it derailed or weakened.
  • Detailed - an eye for detail is essential, this is primarily a technical role and you will be required to understand the minutiae of SQL, API calls, 3rd party technical documentation and so on.
  • Persuasive and Convincing demeanour - success in this role will require effort from other people and teams, therefore getting people on-side and motivating them to achieve shared goals will be important. This will mostly be achieved by convincing everyone you are the expert on integrations.
  • Forward-looking - excellent planning and organisational skills.

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