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Data Analyst Apprenticeship Application

Programme recruitment and selection process for Data Analyst Apprenticeship:

Stage 1

Apply for the data analyst apprenticeship via the form below and attach a copy of your CV. Our next programme starts in July 2023. Applications close on 30th April 2023.

Stage 2

Your CV and application is submitted to the programme for consideration. If successfully shortlisted to join our candidate pool, you will be contacted to undertake:  

- An eligibility screening call with our skills coach 

- Undertake a short online or in person competency based assessment 

Stage 3

Your profile will be shared with hiring employers for consideration. You may be asked to take part in a short informal call with one or more employers. 

Stage 4

If shortlisted* by an employer you will be invited to attend an interview in-person or online. If you are successfully selected* you will receive an apprenticeship job offer from the employer. 

Stage 5

Apprenticeship programme and employment to commence. 

* You may receive an offer from more than one employer.