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Agile Automations specialise in developing Robotic Process Automations (RPA) as well as Robotic Desktop Automations (RDA); working with our clients to move towards that of achieving Business Process Automations (BPA), putting robotics and automation at the very heart of the organisation’s infrastructure.


Agile Automations offer clients the opportunity to access the skills and expertise of a proven, specialist, dedicated team, who are successfully creating and implementing bespoke Robotics across several sectors; creating savings of tens of millions of pounds, enhancing customer service improving staff retention and improving governance and risk controls, not to mention the level of efficiencies which Robotics offer an organisation.


Agile Automations develops and writes its own software coding; we do not use any robotics platforms, which allows us to offer a truly complete, flexible, robotics solution for our clients; offering a bespoke solution, to their unique individual requirements, ensuring that you always receive the solution that you require, without any need to make a compromise in the end solution.


What are Robotics and how can these benefit an organisation?

In short, any aspect of workflow, which is repetitive, predictable, rule driven and data lead, can be automated, imagine THE best member of your team and what you might be able to achieve with a team of a 100 of that identical individual’s skillset; now multiple that individual’s skillset by an infinite amount, that is the potential of affective robotic process automations, with your robotic workforce, on top of that, the robot doesn’t get sick, doesn’t take holidays, will perform day in, day out without human error, with complete consistency.


Our solutions offer technology, that allows a software application, a “robot” to capture, interpret and input data between your existing applications.

Examples of this include:

  • Iterating through excel report and inputting data in multiple web front end portal
  • Extracting multiple data points from many different systems such as SAP, Back Office, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Dynamics, and other applications, to show "one view"
  • Extracting data from PDF reports and generating customer emails

It does this with outstanding efficiency, accuracy and all the while offering enhanced Risk & Governance controls; can operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week; with some processes eliminating the need for human engagement altogether, the true calling of a RPA proposition.


All our automations are bespoke, meaning the automation steps, UI, break points and reporting are all designed and developed to suit each process/business need. This allows us to not just automate the moving of data between systems, but also offer additional features such as:


  • Workflow capabilities
  • Data capture
  • Full audit trail
  • MI reporting
  • Compliance and Risk


An organisation, where employees are performing predictable, rule lead, high-volume, highly transactional process functions with data, will boost their capabilities, save money and time, with increased levels of accuracy, with robotic process automation solutions from Agile Automations.


Just as we have seen robots revolutionise the manufacturing industry, by creating higher production rates, improved quality and cost savings, RPA is revolutionising the way we think about and administer business processes, workflow processes, remote infrastructure and back-office (administration) functions.


How does Agile Automations stand out from the ground?

Un-like many robotics solutions available, when we start working with our clients, we start with a blank piece of paper, without a predefined solution in mind, we build robotics to meet your needs, wants and aspirations, ensuring that everything you need to automate and can be automated, within your organisation, is automated and more importantly, the solution is future proof and fully supported through Agile Automations.


All of our builds are unique to each of our clients, bespoke, to our client’s needs. We work with you to develop a solution, based upon your needs and requirements, which we identify together, during our scoping projects that we undertake, following your instruction.

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