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Avery Kiesling
Blackfriars House
M3 2JA

Ampersand is a specialist retail ecommerce agency providing technical solutions and services to high-growth retailers needing to create transformational change in order to grow. 

We’re solely focused on helping businesses that are looking to make significant leaps forward with technology, quickly. We’ve moved away from traditional re-platforms, and instead deliver ecommerce projects via our Accelerator, which offers our customers a scalable ecommerce solution in as little as 90 days. This means our developers work on faster, more frequent deployments, enjoy an increased variety of work and take ownership of the complete project lifecycle.

We know that professional development is key when embarking on a new role, which is why we’ve developed our Progression Matrix. Created by developers for developers, our Progression Matrix provides a roadmap for your career at Ampersand. We track and support your progress across a number of key elements including: programming, databases, DevOps; and also communication, leadership and teamwork.  

Ampersand is a hybrid agency. Our hybrid lifestyle is remote-first, with an option to work in the office, meaning everyone can choose where they work from one week to the next. Our culture and processes are driven by a remote approach, eliminating division and facilitating communication and collaboration. We have team days in the office for activities that are of high value face-to-face, for example company meetings, project launches and of course, our socials. This model offers total flexibility for everyone: employees can enjoy the best of both worlds, giving everyone structure and sociability; independence and a true work-life balance. 

We’re looking to add software engineers, at varying levels, to our talented technical team, so wherever you are in the U.K, we would love to hear from you. 

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