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We're a mobile technology company. We work with clients of all sizes to understand how and where to use mobile in their organisation to improve their operations, and deliver the complete solutions needed to make it happen. 

We're a team of thinkers, developers, designers, UX-ers and inventors who are continuously looking for ways to improve things. Our clients include Argos, AstraZeneca, AVIVA, BBC, Co-Op, The Guardian, Lexus, NHS, Range Rover and Skyscanner.

Apadmi Ventures, the investment arm of the Apadmi group, is a strategic technical partner and investor in highly-scalable start-ups, providing technology direction and delivery, as well as boardroom advice and support to accelerate growth.

Apadmi Labs is the research and development arm of the Apadmi group. They discover new technologies and methodologies to create new processes, services and products. 



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