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James Morgan
MSP Tech Incubator
M1 7ED

At BlockRocket we will help companies understand how Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) and other decentralised tools can be successfully applied to your business.

Knowing when, what and how to use emerging decentralised technologies is what we do best.

Our experience and knowledge and expertise in the space over the last several years gives use huge advantaging in helping others through the same processes and challenges, delivery solutions from design and prototyping to production ready systems.

We are predominantly an engineering and consultancy provider who specialises in all things blockchain, DLTs, decentralised technologies and web3.

Some of the services we offer are:

  • Strategic consultancy and business application of decentralised and web3 technologies
  • Smart contract design, build and delivery
    • Experts in Solidity and Vyper languages
    • Implementation of industry standards such as ERC-20/721/1155/900
    • Bespoke product ready Smart Contract design and delivery
    • Tokenisation for fungible and non-fungible tokens
  • Fullstack software delivery
  • Web 3.0 user experience design, consultancy and delivery
  • Integration solutions for public and private blockchains
    • Multi-chain knowledge such as public/private Ethereum, Hyperledger, Stellar, Bitcoin etc
  • Rollout of distributed file storage solutions such as IPFS
  • Game theoretical modeling, adversarial thinking and crypto economic incentivisation schemes
  • Workshops to help understand how blockchains and DLTs can be applied
  • Training and mentoring courses to upskill your workforce on various blockchain related technologies

Follow us on Twitter @BlockRocketTech and find more of our blogs on Medium

We also run Blockchain Manchester, come along to find out more about the space we work in. Its a growing community of over 730 people in the Northwest who are interesting in applications of these technologies.

Our clients work in...

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