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Deciding To Grow

innovation consultancy strategy support
David Peters
Delicate Persuasion Limited, The Glen, Knutsford Old Road
Stockton Heath
Stockton Heath


I’m David Peters, a consultant specialising in supporting founders running technology and service businesses. 

I work exclusively with business founders, a privilege that gives me focussed insight into the type of challenges they face as they and their businesses develop together.

Founders use my services when :-

- a problem seems tough to fix

- the business is growing quickly and they want to plug in experienced support

- they are looking to sell and want to plan and focus on the best possible exit

- they are feeling the need for consistent, organised, and engaged commercial input monthly 

 In Manchester I have successfully worked with the founders at Code Computerlove, User Conversion (now Brainlabs) and Reason Digital amongst others.

I've discovered that it's natural for some founders to reach a point where they cannot fix the issues that are stopping them from moving forward. 

Deciding To Grow is a process and service that has helped founders to achieve a range of outcomes; refreshing energy and impetus, stimulating growth, and, when exiting, an optimised business sale. 

Isolating what needs to be fixed uncovers what’s stopping progress.  It generates new solutions, fresh decisions and priorities, reducing stress and transforming outcomes. 

My experience includes founding my own businesses, raising investment, supporting founders to grow income and profitability, guiding sales in the millions, corporate international strategy and marketing roles, and IT systems consulting.

The many ups and downs, failures and success across these experiences have been squeezed into Deciding To Grow.

The shift in founders is an increase in confidence, better quality decisions, renewed motivation, and a focussed path to their chosen future. 

Let me know if I can help.


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