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Disney Streaming

Jenna Eddie

Disney Streaming is a business unit within The Walt Disney Company’s Media & Entertainment Distribution (DMED) segment that oversees all consumer-facing digital video subscription services across the company.


Our teams are responsible for building what aims to be the largest media streaming platform in the world. Serving not just Disney+, but ESPN+, Star+ and Hulu.

We foster innovation, we challenge each other, and we put our users before all else: connecting them with the stories they love.


Our mission is to deliver global audiences the freedom to access content on their terms across any connected device, time or location. We serve consumers by bringing the world’s most beloved characters, timeless stories, legendary athletes, and epic sporting events to global audiences through best-in-class direct-to-consumer video services.


How we work


The teams in Manchester work in small squads that promote Agile practices. Each team and their respective squads are responsible for a collection of microservices and their infrastructure, from building to delivery and maintenance. We take great pride in owning what we build and seeing things through to the end.


We have a mature DevOps culture in place where teams are responsible for the infrastructure and deployment of those applications, and we are actively expanding our Manchester born SRE function which aims to advance our knowledge and innovation globally in areas such as Observability, Reliability and Availability.


We have the autonomy to choose the technologies and processes that help us achieve our objectives. So each team leverages the technology that fits their needs best. You’ll see us working with data processing / streaming like Kinesis, Apache Spark and Flink, application technologies like PostgreSQL, Redis, DynamoDB, and Timestream, and breaking things using in house chaos principles and tools such as Gatling to drive load…all deployed and hosted on AWS.


Our services teams are advocates of functional programming, so you can expect to join a team that are applying principles from FP to build these services, using Scala, Cats, ZIO, http4s and Cats Effect.

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