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GCHQ is a world-leading intelligence, cyber and security agency with a mission to keep the UK safe

Our brilliant people use cutting-edge technology, technical ingenuity and wide-ranging partnerships to identify, analyse and disrupt threats. 

Our priorities are set by the UK’s National Security Strategy and the decisions of the National Security Council, chaired by the Prime Minister, as well as the Joint Intelligence Committee. 

We employ three capabilities across five mission areas to carry out our work.

Mission Areas

  • Counter Terrorism - Stopping terrorist attacks in the UK and against our interests overseas 

  • Cyber Security - Making the UK the safest place to live and do business online 

  • Strategic Advantage - Managing the threats from hostile states, promoting the UK's prosperity and shaping the international environment 

  • Serious & Organised Crime - Reducing the social and financial harm that serious and organised crime causes to the UK 

  • Support to Defence - Protecting Defence personnel and assets and supporting an integrated approach to war fighting 


  • Collection - governed by strict legislation, we use a range of methods to gather communications and data that we believe has intelligence value

  • Analysis - we analyse the communications and data that we collect to produce intelligence reports

  • Effects - we have a range of online capabilities that can lead to a real world outcome

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