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Health Connect Global Limited

blockchain development software development transformation
Victoria Smith
Park Gates, Bury New Road
M25 0JW

The future of healthcare

Our goals are simple: make health, fitness, and wellbeing services more accessible for all, irrespective of circumstance. 

We didn’t need a global pandemic to tell us that our health and wellness services needed to digitalise and that's why we are creating an eco-system that will streamline the entire healthcare process. Healthcare providers will have improved operational efficiencies, access to all their patients, staff and rota management, reporting, and so much more under one easy to use platform.

Individuals will control their own patient record, buy medication or supplies, and be able to make informed decisions with a range of educational resources.

Professionals will have everything they need to set up an online business, including the ability to manage their diaries and work from anywhere in the world. They will also be able to access (or even create their own) CPD training and development.

In addition, corporations could offer Health-Connect to their staff for access to health, fitness, and wellbeing services.

Our transformative vision for the future includes storing electronic care records on the blockchain, an immutable and secure way for individuals to own, store, and share their records with whoever they like, when they like, and to give back to the communities that need it most. 

We are aiming to remove the need for multiple software subscriptions and offer full interoperability between the patient, professional, and healthcare provider.

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