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IMS (Insurance & Mobility Solutions)

Vicki Loughlin
2 Westmere Drive

IMS is an established global leader in vehicle connectivity and actionable data insights, serving some of the world’s leading insurers, mobility operators, vehicle OEMs and governments across multiple countries.

Our proven, award-winning technology platform, IMS DriveSync, offers unparalleled access to vehicle and driving data, bridging the past, present and future thanks to its unique capabilities to connect all vehicles – from older pick-up trucks to the concept cars of tomorrow.

With our focus on making driving safer, smarter and greener, IMS DriveSync now lies at the centre of a wider ecosystem that includes the development of smart cities, smart cars and autonomous vehicles.

IMS is part of Trak Global Group, a privately-held company which also owns Carrot Insurance, a UK-based digital auto insurer. Working alongside the team at IMS, Carrot provides a real-world test bed for our technologies, enabling us to prove and refine the effectiveness of our products before we offer them to the markets we serve.

Driven by innovation and collaborating with numerous academic institutions, we now have nearly 150 connected car patents to our name. Along with being ISO 27000 compliant and certified in the UK, we are also members of ITS America, ITS Canada, the CVTA, Leaseurope, the APMA Connected Vehicle Group, the British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association and ngConnect.

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