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Octopus Energy

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Natasha Hodson

Octopus Energy is Europe's best funded green-tech start up. We're a global leader in renewable energy technology and are backed by some pretty big names like Al Gore's sustainable investment fund, and are officially the most awarded energy supplier in the UK!

What do we do? We supply renewable energy, services and technology. Launched in 2016, Octopus is made up of 10 different entities. We have over 3.1m retail customers, we're active in 9 countries (UK, AU, NZ, DE, JPN, ITA, ESP, US, FR) providing 100% renewable energy, on a mission for accelerated global decarbonisation. We have 25m customers now licensed and moving onto our Kraken Tech platform and we have over 2.3k employees. 

Our Manchester based entity is Kraken Flex

KrakenFlex is a cloud based SaaS platform that allows owners of green energy assets- such as wind farms and solar farms- flexibility to manage their assets, making sure that energy is used at the cheapest and greenest time.

We are agile at KrakenFlex and work in cross functional, collaborative teams made up of Data Scientists, Software Engineers, Platform Engineers, QA Analysts and Product Owners.

We are driven by three things across the whole of Octopus Energy Group:

1- Being tech first. Using technology to find solutions to problems. The Kraken's tentacles reach everything. 

2- Customer centricity at it's finest, always putting the needs of our customers first. (Something that has led to us being the only energy provider to ever be named Which’s Recommended Provider 5 years in a row!)

3- Sustainability. Re-imagining the system, accelerating the future of energy. Putting that big green dent in the universe!

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