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Leyton UK

consultancy b2b
Aaron Beesley
Harmsworth House
13-15 Bouverie St

Leyton is an international consulting firm that leads the industry in helping businesses harness a variety of financial incentives and tax exemptions to fuel their growth and foster innovation. Renowned for our expertise in the R&D tax credit scheme and Patent Box, alongside a number of other incentives supporting the software industry.

The expertise of our consulting teams will simplify how you access these complex incentives. Comprised of over 100 tax and technical experts across the UK, we leverage cutting-edge digital tools to maximise financial benefits for your businesses.   

With an emphasis on compliance, we've delivered unparalleled service to our clients over 25 years. Our internal expertise and innovative approach has solidified our position as market leaders, providing peace of mind that you will always receive the maximum benefit, without taking risks.

Our clients work in...

innovation advertising AI analytics app development back end developers big data blockchain coding digital digital transformation gaming IoT java machine learning programming python renewable robotics SAAS software software development UX video production VR web design web development web security

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