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Leyton UK

Brain Graham
0161 470 7099
Harmsworth House
13-15 Bouverie St

Leyton is the UK’s largest innovation funding consultancy

Our expert teams work in close partnership with thousands of businesses each year to maximise the financial benefit they receive from R&D Tax Credits, Grants, and other innovation funding schemes.

In the past year alone, we have helped our clients successfully claim more than £200m in tax relief to support their future growth.

The UK business has 4 offices with over 250 employees and an extensive client list. We have a highly qualified team of consultants in science, tax, engineering, software and accountancy.

Our clients work in...

innovation advertising AI analytics app development back end developers big data blockchain coding digital digital transformation gaming IoT java machine learning programming python renewable robotics SAAS software software development UX video production VR web design web development web security

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