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Miralis Data

Hannah Haworth
White Cross Business Park
South Road

Miralis is a logistics and transport optimisation company that uses data science and software platforms to help companies cut costs, remove inefficiencies, be more competitive and reduce their carbon emissions.

Our over-riding objective is to play our part in the reduction of carbon emissions from transport, logistics and the supply chain. Cutting emissions delivers huge opportunities for companies. Apart from the social and environmental impacts, there are also productivity and efficiency gains and a healthier bottom line to be realised.

To deliver on this we’ve brought together many of the finest brains in data analytics, algorithm development, modelling, simulation, artificial intelligence and machine learning to reduce emissions. Our data scientists are backed by a large team of software developers and technical experts delivering bespoke solutions and our own products across logistics optimisation, including routing and scheduling, packing optimisation, and network planning; the transition to zero carbon transport through electric vehicle transitioning, smart EV charging and charge point management; and energy monitoring and management.

Our clients and partners include Europcar, the Department for Transport, Disney, Diageo, Shell, Co-Op, Hallmark Cards and many more companies of all sizes around the world. 

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