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My First Five Years

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Andrew West-Moore

My First Five Years is a Child Development App with over 2600+ skills and associated activities that children can master in their first five years of life. Helping parents give their children the best foundation for lifelong learning using the power of play.

Our vision at My First Five Years is to enable parents to feel confident, empowered and supported in their role. We want them to be well informed by science and expert knowledge about how children develop so that they can then be secure in the role that they play and are able to help their children to reach their true potential.

We believe that every child is unique, and that uniqueness should be celebrated. We want parents to notice and enjoy all the stages of their child’s development whenever they happen.

Our Experts

Jennie and Alistair have over 50 years of Early Years experience between them, which they will be sharing with you here at My First Five Years. They will also be joined by a number of experts who have a particular specialism in the Early Years.

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