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Katie Slater
03309 950 040


Our Story 

Netacea was formed from the product development of Intechnica, an enterprise development and consultancy producing high-complexity, high-performance, secure applications and providing digital transformation programs for businesses. 

Working with a variety of customers to improve the performance and security of their websites showed there was a need for a solution that could stop automated threats that were becoming increasingly sophisticated, and that artificial intelligence could be harnessed to create next generation solutions to this problem.    

After several years of incubation, the Intechnica product suite extended to become Netacea, a separate company formed to focus entirely on the development and sales of bot management products.   

Why Netacea is different 

Netacea Bot Management is a server-side bot management solution that protects websites, mobile apps and APIs from automated threats using an intelligent detection engine, Intent Analytics®.  

Our technology goes beyond distinguishing between humans and malicious bots, focusing instead on understanding the traffic’s intent. We then feed actionable intelligence to our clients, while automatically prioritizing genuine users in real time and preventing unwanted bot traffic. 

Our beliefs 

Netacea believes that effective teamwork is the key to successful delivery. We strive to overcome any obstacles in our way to deliver positive change and a leading service to our customers and the cyber-industry. We endeavor to listen to others and are prepared to change our views and go the extra mile for our team. 

How we help you 

Choosing the right bot management solution is a major decision for any business. At Netacea we take a consultative approach, working closely with you to understand not only the threats bots pose to your business, but how our solution fits into your wider strategy and organization. This partnership, paired with our server-side approach and innovative Intent Analytics® technology, allows us to seamlessly integrate with your business and deliver accurate, intelligent and effective bot mitigation. 

How we’re already making an impact 

Netacea protects world-leading eCommerce, gambling, financial services and telecommunications businesses from a range of bot attacks including account takeover, scraping and scalper bots. Our clients include global retailers, a top three telecoms company and a worldwide betting enterprise. We deliver bespoke solutions to suit your business and stop sophisticated threats. 


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