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The University of Manchester

Digital Futures

The University of Manchester is part of the prestigious Russell Group of universities, with outstanding facilities and the widest range of courses. We are highly respected across the globe as a centre of teaching excellence and innovative research.

With 25 Nobel Prize winners among our current and former staff and students, we have a history of world firsts and brilliant discoveries, from splitting the atom to giving the world graphene.

We’re committed to world-class research, an outstanding learning and student experience, and social responsibility in everything we do. 

What we do

Digital Futures is built around challenges and cross-cutting capabilities.

Digital Futures brings together over 1700 researchers from different disciplines across all three of the University’s faculties into multidisciplinary communities to tackle important research problems, build critical mass in new and emerging research areas and to work with external stakeholders to support Greater Manchester's ambitions as a leading digital city.


We bring our knowledge to bear on the great issues facing the world in the 21st century, exploring the complex interplay between scientific, engineering, social, wealth creation, and quality of life concerns. We are able to combine disciplines and capabilities to meet both the challenges of leading-edge research and the external demands of government, business and communities.


How we can help you

Come along to one of our external events or get in touch with academics from our 13 theme areas linked below.

You can contact our team directly at to find out more about how we can work together.


Digital Skills

From enabling individuals to transforming and driving industries, digital skills underpin our 21st century lives. Ranging from essential Digital Skills for Life and for work through to advanced technical skills for innovation, this theme focuses on how The University of Manchester will work with students, colleagues, employers and other education providers to identify and deliver the digital skills needed to support and responsibly transform the global workplace.”



- pathways to lifelong learning

- recognition and accreditation of digital skills

- co creation of skills and content with industry

- embedding digital skills in education and the workplace.

Heath and Care

Digital health brings together eHealth (digital processes in healthcare data) and mHealth, which enables these processes through mobile and digital technologies. The Digital Futures Health & Care theme's activities are delivered through the Christabel Pankhurst Institute for Health Technology Research and Innovation and through the Greater Manchester Connected Health Ecosystem.

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Cities and Environment

Digital technologies, including sensor networks, data analytics and agile control systems, have the potential to transform cities, and the lives of those who live and work in them. 

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Employment and Productivity

Addressing the potential for economic growth; the disruption of existing business models; and the impact of digital platforms and automation on patterns of employment and the future of work.

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Industry 5.0

Industry 5.0 is the integration of smart, connected, and autonomous digital and physical technologies like IoT and robotics with AI and value-adding human strengths in problem-solving and creativity.

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Citizens and Democracy

Exploring the nature of contemporary digital citizenship and democracy and understanding how it is transforming individuals' civic and political behaviour.

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Exploring the transformational impact of digital technologies ranging from digital preservation to virtual and augmented reality on the arts, education, community and heritage.

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Data Science and AI

The Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence acts as an access point to the University's expertise in data science. 

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Digital Trust and Security

As we become increasingly dependent on digital technology, it's critical to understand whether we can trust the security and resilience of the systems we use and the people we interact with.

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Human-centred Design

Increasingly sophisticated automation means that everything we design, from cars to personal digital assistants, to algorithms, must have human understanding, behaviour and ethics at the centre.

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Social Media and Networks

Communication has been revolutionised. The implications of this are profound in many ways, affecting societies, cultures, politics, economics, science and media.

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Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) technology plays a crucial role in digital transformation across a range of sectors, providing the link between the physical and digital worlds.

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Policy and Innovation

Unlocking the potential of digital transformation across many areas will require changes in public and business policy, regulation and regional investment.

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At Manchester we’re proud to be the hub of an ever-expanding network of people, stretching from this dynamic city to all corners of the globe.

We are one of the UK’s largest universities but we’re also open and accessible. We want to make sure you find the right person to connect with at Manchester. 

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