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Top three tips for students looking for a career in digital and tech

Final year students, are you starting to wonder what job you'll be in when all the partying studying is over?

We thought you might be.

The good news is Manchester Digital is on hand to offer some advice.

In our experience, the students that get ahead are the ones that take the time to proactively increase their chances of finding work whilst they’re still at university/college.

If you make connections now, you'll find it far easier to find work after graduation.

To make life easier, we’ve compiled three top tips that will help you to steal a march on other students and bag a job that’ll make all that studying and effort seem worthwhile.

We promise that if you, in between completing those final assignments and binging on Netflix, take some time to complete these small steps, you'll massively increase your chances of landing a top job.

1. Research the careers available within digital and tech

Manchester’s digital and tech sector is booming.

Each week more and more jobs are being created within the region – jobs that will provide young people like you with exciting career paths.

So, whether you’re a coding whizz or a budding social media influencer wanting to help a brand up their Instagram game, there’s a rewarding career waiting for you within Manchester’s digital and tech community.

You don’t have to believe us though, below are just some of the vacancies that companies will be looking to fill with for grads fresh out of uni.

Just some of the jobs on offer include ...


2. Sign up to Talent Day…..PSSST it’s free!

Digital Skills Festival Talent Day is the UK’s largest digital and tech careers fair.

On the day, around 50 hiring managers from big name brands such as Auto Trader, Lad Bible and Money Supermarket will be looking to meet the students like you to help fill approximately 300 available grad jobs.If you do one thing today, register for your free place and join us at The Principle Hotel on Oxford Road on Feb 5th.

3. Get prepared for the big day

In our experience, the students that land the top jobs are the ones that turn up to Talent Day fully prepped and ready to grab people’s attention.

Ensure you bring printed copies of your CV, research what brands will be exhibiting, spend some time swotting up on them. You could even prepare a few questions to show that you’re really on the ball, inquisitive, and interested in working for them.

Also, remember, it's never to early to set up a LinkedIn page and start building your personal brand. Doing so will allow you to connect with people that you may meet on the day so you can stay fresh in their minds and be the first to hear of any jobs they may post..

What are you waiting for?

If you want to work in digital or tech (and let’s face it, why wouldn’t you?) make sure that you sign up for Talent Day here, today.