How Can I Best Enable My Employees' High Performance?

As never before it is critical for people managers to be aware both of performance drivers & “killers".

All but one of the 18 manager characteristics or behaviours described in the graphic improves individual performance with 6 activities having a sizeable positive impact, 1 has a negative impact.

These centre around managers providing employees with specific, tangible answers and assistance to help them do their day-to-day jobs, in other words, providing day-to-day solutions for employees.

Frequent changes is a performance killer. Managers who make frequent changes to their employees’ projects and assignments can reduce performance by up to 22 percent. Worth avoiding right?

As we move through COVID it therefore begs the questions: How Can I Enable My Employees' High Performance?

How can I help my people thrive & perform?

What are the beliefs I need to hold about my people?

What are the beliefs I need to hold about how I can enable others’ high performance?

What my role in making this happen?

How will I show up?

If you want some help to work this through for you or for your people managers do please get in touch.

Source: Corporate Leadership Council (2002) Building the High-Performance Workforce

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