RedStar Introduce Responsive Design to eBay Store Templates!

Last year more than a third of sales through eBay were completed via a mobile device (smart phone or tablet), and this is a number that is constantly growing – and we expect it to almost be 50% before the end of this year.

With this in mind, for some-time we have been working towards bringing Responsive Design to eBay store templates, which we create as trusted eBay partners. We’ve worked with several national and international companies, such as Office Shoes, to ensure that the result which we are launching as a service offering today is fantastic.

RedStar’s eBay Integration Architect, James Newbert-Breen said:

“Bringing Responsive Design to eBay isn’t an easy task, but through years of experience with brands such as Animal, Kitbag, Savile Row and Harley Davidson, I am excited that we can now announce the launch of Responsive Template Design for ebay stores – a great example of this is Office Shoes.

A fully responsive design means no more horizontal scrolling!  A bespoke responsive eBay template can allow you to condense down your headers, focus on the details that are most important yet retain your all important branding. Your template becomes vertical, text is easier to read and easier to find, this ultimately means more sales for any business.”

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About James Newbert-Breen:

James works directly with eBay and some of their biggest clients to offer amazing integration and design. Some of the offerings include, Custom Store Design, Bespoke API Integration, MIP Integration and Bespoke Advanced Search Widgets for Ebay. 


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