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Distology launches new multi-cloud security solutions

Distology has announced the launch of its new multi-cloud cybersecurity portfolio, along with three new vendors.  

Almost all (93%) enterprises now run IT across a multi-cloud environment*, however research from the specialist IT cybersecurity distributor reveals more than a fifth of organisations don’t currently have a multi-cloud cybersecurity strategy in place**.

More so than ever before, organisations are having to constantly evolve their online presence to meet the ever-changing expectations and needs of both their workforces and consumers. For this very reason, Distology’s new portfolio of cybersecurity solutions offers technology platforms that cater for today and offer flexibility into the future. From user authentication through the network, application stack, and into the data.

Assessed to ensure these technologies can adapt to the cybersecurity needs of organisations, the new multi-cloud security solutions portfolio helps to protect an increasingly progressive digital infrastructure across a multi-cloud landscape. 

From network security though to web applications, and the APIs they use to communicate with each other, while ensuring the data they feed from is kept safe and secure, these new solutions support all IT users to ensure they have the right access to the right assets, at the right time with as little friction as possible.

“The need to underpin organisational operations with a flexible and robust approach to cybersecurity has never been greater. We’re becoming more and more reliant on being able to access systems on the go, which is the very reason we need to make sure our systems, and ultimately our data, are protected in a manner that works across our datacentres, public cloud infrastructure and all of the software and platform-as-a-service (SaaS and PaaS) subscriptions we have.

“However, different people need different levels of access and permissions to systems and services, meaning there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to protecting a multi-cloud environment. Instead, the solutions we need to secure our digital ecosystems need to be designed to defend an evolving IT landscape and advancements in threats,” comments Lance Williams, Chief Product Officer at Distology.  

As part of the launch, Distology is announcing new partnerships with three specialist multi-cloud cybersecurity vendors to offer its partners a greater range of cybersecurity solutions. Each of the new technologies lower the barrier to entry for end users through flexible and easy deployment options, while minimising the need for deep cybersecurity specialism within the IT teams using them. 

Fortanix, which specialises in data security, ThreatX, which offers web app and API security, and Cyolo, which provides zero trust-based network security access to applications, will be joining workforce and customer identity and access management platform, Okta, (to provide organisations with multi-cloud security protection, while ensuring user experience isn’t compromised. 

ThreatX enables more organisations to detect and respond to complex threats facing their APIs and web applications thanks to a combination of AI (artificial intelligence) and ML-powered (machine learning) capabilities coupled with a dedicated 24x7x365 security operations centre. Cyolo offers zero-trust network access, removing the need for a VPN to give highly secure access to only the applications and operational technology (OT) each user (internal or third party) needs. 

After launching in the Benelux region in 2021, the third new UK partnership is with Fortanix, the data encryption and key management solution. Fortanix ensures data is secure at rest, in motion, during use, on premises, in the cloud and anywhere in between with a flexible deployment model that gives choice to the end user, including SaaS, software, and hardware appliance. All three new vendors will be available in Distology’s UK&I and Benelux regions. 

“Distology is known for representing innovative cybersecurity solutions, and the addition of our three new multi-cloud security vendors bolsters our technology proposition covering relevant and current cybersecurity concerns in the multi-cloud operations space,” concludes Lance. 

For more information about Distology’s new partnerships with Fortanix, ThreatX and Cyolo, visit: 

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