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iO Associates Continue to Thrive in their New Manchester Office

🌟 iO Associates Continue to Thrive in their New Manchester Office ðŸŒŸ

We are excited to announce that iO Associates has launched its brand-new office in the vibrant city of Manchester. Our expansion continues to reflect our commitment to innovation, connecting with top-tier talent, and propelling the tech industry to new heights.

Why Manchester? 

iO Associates chose Manchester for its rich industrial heritage and fantastic tech ecosystem. Manchester is the ideal home for iO Associates, renowned for its historic roots in innovation and a thriving tech scene, the city perfectly aligns with our mission to bring talent and opportunity together.

With existing roots in Manchester, we've had the privilege of collaborating with exceptional clients and forming meaningful partnerships. Since our expansion, we not only continue to develop these valued relationships but also create new ones in a thriving setting. 

Bringing Talent and Opportunity Together 

With our solidified presence in Manchester, we're not only well positioned to serve our client's needs but also to connect ambitious professionals with the roles that can shape their careers. As such, iO Associates works tirelessly to unite top-tier candidates with unparalleled opportunities and drive the tech industry's growth in the region.

Building Communities 

Community lies at the core of iO Associates, as such we actively engage with the local tech community in Manchester and since our launch have attended a wide range of events including Dot Net North Meetup, Power BI Manchester UG Meetup, MancJS Meetup, and the Manchester Tech Festival. Our commitment goes beyond business transactions – we're dedicated to creating an environment of learning, collaboration, and growth.

From hosting dynamic Meetups and immersive Round Tables to participating in prominent conferences and networking events, we are an integral part of the local tech scene. Further down the line, we look forward to introducing iO Meetups (follow our LinkedIn here) to the Manchester tech space to provide exciting new avenues for interaction and knowledge exchange.

A Word from Director Michael Collins  

"I've longed to work and live in another city, and Manchester has always been my top choice. Due to a change in circumstances, I couldn't pass up the excellent opportunity offered to me. Over my nearly nine years at iO Associates in PRG, I've witnessed its growth from a small office with 10 people to a global team of over 200. Now, I'm excited about building teams, and shaping the culture, and I believe I can contribute that experience to Manchester. Being a Manchester United fan is an added bonus, bringing me closer to watching them play!"

Our expansion into Manchester continues to mark a milestone in our dedication to shaping the future of tech talent. We are here not just as an established office, but as an active contributor to Manchester's tech journey.

For more information on our expansion or to find out how we can support your hiring needs, feel free to get in touch with iO Associates on

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