Our Terence Talks about Neville Johnson

Here’s how it panned out, in Terence’s own words…

Each Neville Johnson furniture design is a one-off whatever the shape or size of the space so the website had to feature a carousel of material and sizing options, each page was optimised to offer the best possible user experience (UX) for site visitors.

For Neville Johnson it was especially important for their customers to visit their website on a mobile or tablet device. It was so significant for us to get this right because it tied-in with Neville Johnson’s latest TV commercial.

Some of the biggest technical problems we faced were:-

  • Ensuring the site loads as fast as possible, particularly loading resources on devices which may not have the fastest connection
  • Heavy load spikes around key advertising spots

For the first part, we’ve included a dynamic compression system on images throughout the system. After careful discussion between the design and development teams and the client, we’ve balanced this against the best download size for devices which may not have the fastest connection (e.g. mobiles) whilst at the same time maintaining the high level of quality imagery needed for the product.

To address the load spikes, we’ve assisted them with setup of a Load Balanced solution which helps spread their load over 2 main servers, whilst adding an additional third load balancer with additional caching for resources which don’t change as often (such as product images and styles). 

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