Code of practice: expectations of members


When businesses join Manchester Digital they agree to abide by a code of practice which outlines the standards of behaviour that our members expect from each other and also our collective approach to ensuring that we create business environments that are welcoming to people from a diverse range of backgrounds.

As an industry we know that there is a serious problem with the gender balance in our organisations and that we must all take responsibility to ensure that the industry is an open, transparent and welcoming place for women to work. 

The recent and very serious allegations published by the FT against Lawrence Jones, CEO of UK Fast have brought these issues to the fore and as an industry body, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we failed to acknowledge them. Mr Jones has denied the allegations.

Whilst we cannot take responsibility for, or prevent any individual’s actions we must, as a community, get better at proactively identifying and dealing with any behaviours that make workplaces unenjoyable, uncomfortable or unsafe for any section of society.

The Manchester Digital board will be reviewing the Code of Practice at its monthly board meeting to ensure that it continues to support and encourage our members to lead the way in developing and maintaining safe sustainable workplaces. Members will be asked to approve any amendments at the forthcoming AGM on November 14th.

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