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Invitation to participate in research into new pioneers in digital platforms

Credit: metamorworks

Manchester Digital is delighted to present an exciting opportunity to be part of a groundbreaking research project at the University of Manchester, ‘Understanding and navigating challenges for digital platforms’.

This study aims to better understand the challenges new digital platform businesses are facing when they establish themselves in a competitive ecosystem. The emphasis lies in comprehending strategies employed to overcome entry barriers and navigate market dynamics in an environment dominated by large platform-based businesses.

Your expertise, perspectives and experiences in the digital platform ecosystem would be valuable to our understanding of the challenges and how to overcome them. We are conducting informal interviews, guided by a general set of questions, with various professionals across diverse roles in both established and emerging digital platform companies. This includes CEOs, software developers, designers, marketers, data analysts, social media experts, consultants, and other relevant roles. The interview takes approximately 30 minutes and will be conducted either in person or online, depending on your preference. We are carrying out the interviews between May and June 2024.

If this is something you may be willing to participate in, please contact or or call 07435 181497. They are also happy to answer any questions you might have.

Your involvement in this research project not only contributes to advancing knowledge in the digital ecosystem but also provides an opportunity to showcase your platform's experiences and strategies. The outcomes of the research project will benefit both academia and industry, offering practical insights for digital platform companies. We will share project findings with our research participants and invite them to attend a findings briefing where you will receive exclusive insights and opportunity to discuss with the academic team. 

Posted on behalf of:

Dr Meropi Tzanetakis
Academic lead of the project team

Borja Álvarez, PhD candidate
Research assistant

School of Social Sciences
University of Manchester

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