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3 Tips for Advertising & Marketing Your eCommerce Business Online

eCommerce is all about selling high-quality products online. But we’ve decided to give you these advertising and marketing tips on us (and the shipping’s free, too!)

The eCommerce landscape is constantly changing. But while trends come and go, our tips for getting the most out of your online store’s digital presence are evergreen. 

How can eCommerce businesses get the most out of their digital ad spend? 

Let’s find out!

1. Mobile friendly 

When it comes to marketing your eCommerce business, ensuring that all of your brand's organic content, web content and ads are optimized for mobile is essential. 

A good place to start is to ask yourself the following:

  • Is each clickable element easy to spot and click on?

  • Is the purchasing journey from advert / social content to product page, checkout, payment and receipt optimized for mobiles and different screen sizes? 

  • Do my brand's images and videos have a readable format on all screen sizes? 

By taking the time to consider these questions, you can ensure that your brand’s ads and content are suitable for all users, enabling customers to enjoy a seamless shopping experience; thereby increasing the likelihood of them completing their purchases. 

2. Prioritize brand awareness

Of course, brand awareness is essential for all brands who want to enjoy longevity in their chosen industry. But it isn’t enough for customers to be aware of your brand, they need to be aware of who your brand is. 

Customers familiar with your brand should have a good idea of what your brand stands for, what kind of services/products you offer, and should be able to recognise your brand voice. 

For eCommerce brands, this rings even more true. 

Physical stores have the benefit of being able to establish brand personality and a relationship with their customers by creating ambience and having exemplary customer service. Meanwhile, eCommerce brands need to do all this through their website, social content and ads. 

In order to do this, eCommerce brands need to make sure that every piece of content that they release reflects their brand, brand story or branding in some way. 

3. Optimize your website

The main difference between eCommerce and classic, brick building stores is that the eCommerce store's shop front is their website. 

Any ads, be they digital, OOH, radio, podcast or TV, will lead customers directly to your brand's website. That's why, for eCommerce stores, having the perfect website is essential. 

From here, the second challenge eCommerce brands face is in keeping customers on their site long enough to make a purchase. That's where website optimization comes in. 

To keep customers engaged on your site and shorten consumer purchasing journeys, eCommerce brands should ensure that their online shop is responsive, user-centric and fully optimized for tracking, PPC, analytics and SEO purposes. 

Working with One Day Agency means working with an expert, audience-centric team that strives tirelessly to achieve real results for your business. 

If you’re looking to reach new audiences with digital, TV or OOH ads or create your eCommerce website, get in touch with one of our eCommerce advertising experts. 

We are One Day Agency, your ad partner.

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