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One Day Agency wins American payment provider Verifone.

Verifone, the global provider of electronic payments founded in 1981 in Hawaii and with a presence in over 45 countries, is most recognised by the end consumer for their countertop pin pads in your everyday retailer. As a global brand, they serve businesses of all sizes across multiple industries from small enterprises to large retailers with a mix of products ranging from eCommerce payment gateways to portable pin pad devices.

As part of their continued growth plans in the UK, Verifone tasked One Day’s team to optimise their digital channel mix, cost-per-acquisition and increase their foothold with a focus on small enterprises and business individuals.

Molly Winterbottom, One Day’s Senior Paid Social Media Manager, said “We are super excited to be working with Verifone in their mission to support UK businesses. We look forward to growing their online presence and building customer acquisition through Q4 and beyond.”

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