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AmafestUK - A Full day conference for Amazon Sellers


After an amazing 3 years, we are pleased to say that our annual conference in collaboration with Digitl is back! On the 23rd May 2019, we will be at UKFast in Manchester to talk about all you need to know about selling on Amazon. With many experts attending to share their prowess and savvy skills, this really is the place to be for people who want to jump on board the giant of online selling!

Recent research shows that almost nine in ten Brits are Amazon shoppers.

This is clearly the place to go if you want to sell online, so our conference is an exciting opportunity to learn more about jumping on the bandwagon and making the most of your online selling experience. AmafestUK is for both seller central and vendor central users.  So, be sure to put this date on your diary.

Based on feedback received from our attendees in the past 3 years, we will be introducing more panel discussions this year as our audience found these most helpful and engaging. There will be 2-panel discussions: one on Amazon private labels and one on Amazon vendor central.  

Thank you all sponsors: Caribou, ShipStation, ZonSupport and Khaos Control

There will also be a variety of speakers present from the US and across Europe, who will talk for approximately 25 minutes each, with an allocated time slot at the end for questions. The speakers have been invited based on their expertise in certain areas, such as:  David Hindle, the European Sales Manager for Mpmproducts, who has 23 years of sales experience, 10 years of which he has spent with Amazon; CJ Rosenbaum, the founder of Amazon Sellers Lawyer, the only law firm in the US that focuses on the needs of Amazon sellers. There will be a wide range of knowledge contained in a single building, and with the opportunity to speak to these experts face to face this really is an opportunity to learn all you can about Amazon. For more information, a list of speakers is available on the website at

The amazing news is that Amafest is open to EVERYONE, not just people who are already selling products on Amazon. If you have never listed a single item for sale on Amazon, you can benefit from our conference. If you are already selling on Amazon, you can benefit from our conference! We have such a range of people, speakers and sellers present that everyone can benefit from the information provided to either start up their business or expand their current one.

If you are interested in learning all aspects of the world of Amazon, the burning question would be “how can I get my hands on a ticket?!” The good news is registration is simple and completely FREE, so head over to  now to secure your ticket.

#AmafestUK - Amazon Conference for Seller central and vendor central users

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