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AmafestUK - Amazon Sellers Conference | March 2022 All Speaker Slides

AmafestUK - Amazon Sellers Conference

#AmafestUK is a one-day conference for Amazon Seller Central and Vendor Central users looking to learn, network and grow their businesses. The driving force behind this is Amazon Specialist Agency, Online Seller UK, with over ten years of helping sellers both in the UK and internationally. 

The March conference was successful with attendees from the UK and Europe. We covered a range of topics from Amazon FBA, Amazon SEO, Amazon Advertising, Imports & Customs to Amazon Vendor Central Strategies. 

If you missed the event, you can see all the slides below or you can buy playback recordings here >>

1/ How to Use Product Data Efficiently to Scale your Marketplace Business |   Jesse Wragg, Ecommeleon

2/ Repricenomics |   Ian Kaneshiro, Seller Snap

3/ Brands and Amazon: A changing relationship | Steven Berke, Shiftmarketplace

4/ Timely risks to grow your online business |Dr Pradeep Kumar Sacitharan

5/ Amazon FBA Restock Limits: Changes, Solutions, and SFP | Nish Udayakumar, Olsam

6/ Brand building with Amazon DSP – how-to, AND how NOT to do it |Mark James, Perpetua

7/ Demystifying Vendor Central (1P) and selling to Amazon directly | James Wakefield, Wakecommerce

8/ Fundamentals of International sourcing | Huw Johnstone, Ghlprocurement

9/ The practicalities of Brand Analytics| Christopher Ball, Journey Further

10/ How to make your ecommerce business sellable and valuable | Ben Leonard, Ecombrokers

11/ How to Expand your eCommerce Business to New Markets and Double your Sales! | Andy Hooper, Globale-commerceexperts

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