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AmafestUK: Your Gateway to Amazon Success

amazon conference 2024

We are calling all Amazon Sellers, both established and aspiring! AmafestUK, a full-day conference brought to you by Online Seller UK and explicitly designed for Seller Central and Vendor Central users, is here to equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to thrive in the ever-evolving world of Amazon.

Whether you're a seasoned seller or just starting, AmafestUK has something for you. This informative event delves into key areas for maximising your success on the Amazon platform, both in the UK and globally.

Meet the A-Team Speakers Guiding Your Amazon Journey:

Join a lineup of industry experts who will share their insights and proven strategies across various topics crucial for Amazon sellers.

  • Phil Oakley (Outserve): Master the art of e-commerce accounting and avoid costly pitfalls, propelling your business forward with confidence.
  • Sergii Timoschuk & Oleksandr Bezhan (AMS Pilot): Navigate the competitive landscape of Amazon and emerge victorious.
  • Martin Heubel (Consulterce): Uncover how brands can shift their focus from short-term gains to long-term success in the ever-evolving Amazon retail space.
  • David Bradley (Verbe Digital): Harness the power of full-funnel advertising with Amazon DSP, strategically complementing your existing efforts.
  • Kate Bell (Zip Us In): Learn how to transform your concept into a thriving Amazon business.
  • Jakub Riegel (Deltologic): Discover time-saving automation techniques to take your Amazon business to the next level.
  • Ant Finch (Vendorrocket): Gain valuable knowledge and strategies to navigate your annual vendor negotiations with Amazon.
  • Oliver Pritchard (Former Journalist): Explore how to elevate your Google ranking through the impactful power of organic news stories.
  • Emma Bagley (Zealagency): Demystify profitable scaling on Amazon and unlock the secrets to sustainable growth.
  • James Wakefield, Carina McLeod, Asha Bhalsod (Vendor Panel Discussion by eCommerce Nurse): Gain invaluable insights and experiences from seasoned Vendor professionals.
  • David Miller (Damlawfirm): Learn how to safeguard your private label brand on Amazon and protect your intellectual property.
  • Charlotte Westlake (Peaky Digital): Unlock your advertising potential and discover five powerful tactics to maximise your reach and impact.
  • Kunal Dattani (Lifestyle Entrepreneur Limited): Explore the cutting-edge world of AI and harness its power to automate and scale your Amazon business efficiently.

Beyond the knowledge bombs, AmafestUK offers a unique networking opportunity. Connect with fellow sellers, share experiences, and build valuable connections within the vibrant Amazon community. You'll also have the chance to meet helpful suppliers who will provide expert advice and tips without pressure to "sell."

Ready to unlock your full potential on Amazon? Check out AmafestUK! Visit for more details and to secure your ticket today! 

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