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Amazon Prime Day 2023 - FAQs

Amazon Prime Day 2023

When is Amazon Prime Day 2023 in the UK?

Amazon has yet to confirm the exact dates for the sale. However, based on previous years, we expect it to be held on July 10-11 or July 17-18.

Previous Amazon Prime day

  • 2015 – 15 July
  • 2016 – 12 July
  • 2017 – 11 July
  • 2018 – 16 July
  • 2019 – 15 July
  • 2020 – 13 October
  • 2021 – 21 June
  • 2022 – 12 July

What is Amazon Prime Day? 

Amazon Prime Day is a massive two-day sale event where Amazon slashes the prices of thousands of products from popular brands like Apple, Samsung, KitchenAid, Shark, Simba, Ninja, and many more.

How long did the last Prime Day last? 

The last Prime Day was held in 2022 and lasted for 48 hours, from Monday to Tuesday.

What types of products typically go on sale during Amazon Prime Day? 

You can find discounts on various products during Amazon Prime Day, including tech gadgets, home appliances, fashion items, beauty products, and more. Popular categories for discounts include electronics (like smartphones, laptops, and TVs), home appliances (like vacuum cleaners and kitchen gadgets), fashion (like clothing and accessories), and beauty products (like skincare and makeup).

How much notice do Amazon sellers receive for the Prime Early Access Sale? 

Amazon sellers typically receive a few weeks' notice for the Prime Early Access Sale, but this can vary.

What steps can Amazon sellers take to prepare for the Prime Early Access Sale? 

To prepare for the Prime Early Access Sale, you can take several steps, including creating FBM offers if you don't have enough FBA inventory, offering customers multiple ways to save, optimising listings, and boosting marketing strategy. These steps can help you take advantage of the potential uptick in sales during the sale event.

What are the different types of offerings you can provide during the Prime Early Access Sale? 

Offer customers, Coupons, create promotions, adjust your list prices, and offer deals and discounts on your listings. These strategies can help entice customers to purchase products during the sale event.

How can Amazon sellers optimise listings for the Prime Early Access Sale? 

You can optimise your listings for the Prime Early Access Sale by auditing listings, checking titles, bullet points, images, and descriptions to ensure you're up to date, and split testing A+ content. By doing so, sellers can ensure that product listings are as attractive as possible to convert sales during the sale event.

How can Amazon sellers boost Prime Early Access Sale marketing strategy? 

You can boost your marketing strategy for the Prime Early Access Sale by adjusting bids and budgets during this period, running off-Amazon ads, using social media to alert customers to your upcoming Prime Early Access Sale deals, and automating review requests. These tactics can help increase brand visibility, drive more traffic, and boost conversions during the sale event.

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