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Fast Track Digital Marketing Training - What can you learn in a day?

The main aim of this course is to help you realise your potential and demonstrate how working with a digital marketing plan can help you create a realistic digital roadmap. During these courses, we have met so many marketers who already know their stuff but this training has helped them realise how important the plan is to the success of their business.

During the session, we encourage you to draft your own digital marketing plan and below are a few documents you will be working on:

●       Digital audit

●       Customer Value Proposition

●       SWOT analysis

●       Defining Business Goals/Objectives

●       Strategies

●       Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

●       Gantt Chart

As a busy marketer taking something tangible from a training session is really valuable.

So, what will you learn?

In addition to the ‘doing’ we will also look at the wider-ranging aspects including digital metrics, rules and regulations, legalities and codes of practice. The main aspects of the course will be broken down into the following topics:

●       Marketing concepts and their application

●       Identify successful business models

●       Identify factors affecting your digital activity and planning

●       Creating a digital marketing mix that works and create an integrated strategy

●       The importance of marketing tools, planning, implementing and monitoring digital marketing

●       How to audit your current digital marketing strategy

●       Developing a digital marketing plan

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Can’t make it to Manchester or looking for a bespoke course? We are happy to provide onsite training to you and your team. Get in touch with Prabhat or call on on   0161 3272 923 or 0751 88 39629 

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