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Manchester Multichannel Conference - 2017

Following on from the success of our 2016 Manchester conference, we’re excited to bring you another useful conference for online sellers on collaboration with Digitl.

The event will follow a similar format to our other events, but will take place during the day and we will have 10 expert speakers.We have following talks confirmed and the rest will be made available soon. Please register today free to reserve your seat.

#1 A digital marketing strategist specialising in technical and architectural SEO

Dawn Anderson – Move It Marketing 

#2 Influencers & ‘Handheld’ Names 

Frances Bibby – A blogger and social media consultant

#3 How to Defend Against and Enforce Trademark & Copyright issues

CJ Rosebaum – Amazon Sellers Lawyers

#4 Don’t Get Lost in Translation

David Garcia Ruiz – Daytodayebay

#5 A Marketplace Seller’s Story

Andy Younan – Tradebalustrade

#6 Sourcing from China

Michael Han – Independent Consultant 

The event is perfect for anybody who is already trading online be it through their own website or through ebay and Amazon; or for people who are taking the first steps on their journey.  If you are looking to grow your business, make sure you don’t miss out.

With great networking opportunities with fellow sellers, the opportunity to meet new suppliers who will be there to share hints and tips (and not ‘sell’) you will gain invaluable insights to help you. 

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