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Online Seller UK - Past and Future


Where did it start and what do you do?

Online Seller UK had very humble beginning in Welsh town, Caerphilly and it soon grew with regular Meetups and eCommerce & Digital Marketing workshops in Swansea, Cardiff, Bristol, Birmingham, London, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Brighton aiming to help local online sellers in the UK. Our recent expansion has been possible with kind support from a Manchester based agency We are digitl.

Our Meetups are organised in the evening between 5:30 and 9:00 and are free to attend for online sellers and retailers. We have regular attendance of 20 – 30 online sellers / retailers on an average.

What is your reach?

We have reached local businesses throughout the UK with our Meetups and trainings. We have successfully built local presence with local partners. Our events regularly mentioned on Tamebay, Webretailer and Wholesale forums.

We are constantly building partnership with local government and businesses to increase our reach.

What are your aims?

Our aim is to help local online sellers sell professionally online. Our events are educational and our aim is to provide support business at different stages.

What does this mean for attendees?

Attendees love local meetups in relaxed environment. We have some albums on Pinterest which tells bit more about our events. We have received fantastic testimonials and some of which are:

The second time I’ve attended one of Prabhat’s events, and both times I’ve found the evening interesting and useful. As is often the case with this sort of thing, one aspect of the programme caught my eye and was the reason for going, but I came away from it with many other things to think about. Excellent speakers, will definitely come again.”

I was so impressed with the evening, it was great to meet an array of like minded people. Its hard working alone and being self employed, it can feel like a lonely occupation sometimes and this event was great for being able to share you thoughts with others going through the same issues and also getting some answers to help resolve them!

More here >>

How can you help suppliers and partners?

Online Seller UK aims to help everyone involved and we have heard a lot about how getting involved in our events has helped to generate new business and build reputation within the industry.

What does the future hold for Online Seller UK

I am aiming to continuously build collaboration with local businesses and organise events wherever there is need. This is a borderless project and anyone can get involved in any capacity and still get something out of it. We will continue to reach more areas in the UK in 2016 and from 2017 we have plans to diversify from e commerce industry.

I’d love to hear from you if you are an expert to deliver talks, suppliers looking to sponsor or organiser to help out putting everything together.

We have events in Manchester, London, Birmingham, Norwich coming in next few months, please visitonlineselleruk and sign up for free.

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