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K3 PushON with Episodic Mockumentary

Whatever tickles your funny-bone, we're betting electronic component distribution and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software are well down the list. But a new viral marketing campaign from K3 Business Technology Group might just change that.

In only its second episode, The Factory has already developed a cult following among devotees of the 'fly-on-the-wall mockumentary' genre. Episode Two, released today, sees The Factory's cast of eerily familiar characters travelling to the offices of Astute Electronics in Ware to discover how SYSPRO, K3's ERP solution, is helping Astute to streamline its business processes.

Planned as a six-part web exclusive, The Factory is a case study in how companies in conservative industries can embrace unconventional channels like viral marketing and social media to generate buzz around their products and services. In the process, The Factory shows that even the driest products can benefit from an equally dry dose of humour.

K3 and SYSPRO have helped Astute to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of fully-tested and warranted electronic components. Using SYSPRO, Astute has been able to expand into new markets while still recording all of the stringent test results and benchmarking of goods that ensure accurate traceability and the highest standards are maintained.

Astute Electronics has enthusiastically embraced this innovative approach to marketing ERP solutions. As Simon Humphreys, IT Manager at Astute puts it:

"We are a lot more in control of what we do. SYSPRO speeds up the process incredibly – in fact, we can safely say that from order to shipment we have shortened the cycle by 15 per cent."

Episode Two of the Factory is available for viewing now at , where viewers can also catch up on the story so far or register to be alerted by e-mail when new episodes are released

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