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An introduction to Web3 and Blockchain

Imagine being paid to see ads that pop-up whist using the Web.

Imagine if you could create a loyalty points program where your customers can trade points between themselves, and where you could easily share the scheme with other businesses to see exactly where and how points were being spent, the moment they were spent.

Imagine you could create a piece of digital art that was exclusive and could not be copied, that reflected your business and your customers, and just by being held correctly could grant access to VIP areas of your e-commerce site or allow entrance to a real-world event.

Imagine that piece of art had a wallet hidden inside that could be programmed to make payments automatically or even imbed with Artificial Intelligence.

Well, no need to use your imagination. All this tech already exists under the rather vague banner of Web3 – what we need to imagine is how we can use it. 

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