Skylab crafts new website for International Floorball Federation (IFF) with the new top-level .sports domain

Skylab has worked in close partnership with the team at International Floorball Federation to bring their new website to life.

Using the new website, the digital team is able to publish content in a fast and consistent way, with a customised toolkit of page components. The website provides design and editorial flexibility for the team to grow the website and showcase events, rankings and team & player profiles. We have also provided special plugins and widgets that will allow IFF to promote the events and their sponsors across the network of sites.

The new .sport domain is only available to recognised and legitimate sporting organisations, ranging from sports governing bodies to events, clubs and the companies which supply the goods and services on which sport relies. Global Association of International Sports Federations´ (GAISF) ownership of the domain protects the integrity of .sport by ensuring that only qualified organisations and individuals can use it.

IFF Secretary-General John Liljelund said “Skylab was very active and had studied our old webpage and approached us with a number of creative solutions and ideas for a new and modern IFF website. Based on this it was easy to choose Skylab. The IFF is also very enthusiastic that we at the same time, with the new webpage launch, can change the domain to the GAISF .sport domain, which much better defines and places us in the sports family”.

Skylab CEO, Nigel Collier said: “Secretary-General John Liljelund and the IFF team were innovative in embracing the new .sport domain. Working in close partnership, we have started IFF’s digital transformation and the new .sport domain will place IFF at the heart of the global sports community. The new website will create a global watering hole of information about Floorball and provides a multilingual platform that can scale quickly and easily, as the sport grows. IFF has the freedom to create websites for each major event, providing continuity, control and new commercial opportunities when working with event organisers and promoters. The digital transformation of IFF has started and we are looking forward to growing their global footprint”.

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