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Liam Davies - From Binman to Champion

SHOT with Liam Davies

S – tory so far

Liam Davies is a 26-year-old professional boxer from Telford and is also one of SHOT’s original athletes. Liam ‘grew up with the gloves on’ with his Grandad running a gym in the middle of his childhood community and his dad being a professional boxer himself. He spent his childhood travelling around the country watching boxing with his Grandad and fighting in his family-run gym. 12 professional matches into his career, Liam is unbeaten and currently holds the British Super Bantamweight Title.

H – opes for the future

Since Liam won the British title, he feels like the door is now open for him in terms of his professional boxing career. Liam exclusively told us on ‘Short SHOTS with Liam Davies’ that he is training for the European title and that being Champion of Europe is his next goal in his professional career. Liam is hungry for more victory and wants to fight in boxing hot-spots like America so that he can keep growing as a boxer and make a name for himself all over the world. With a style similar to that of Jorges Lenares and an attitude similar to that of Anthony Joshua, going forward Liam hopes to become like his boxing idols.

O – bstacles faced in his career

Throughout his professional and personal life, Liam has faced many obstacles. From growing up on a council estate to working as a bin man at the same time as trying to make a name for himself as a boxer, Liam has faced a lot of hardship that has sculpted him into the boxer (and person) he is today. Although he has an unbeaten record of professional fights, before he got there, Liam fought in over 100 amateur fights, some of which he lost. He told me on ‘Short SHOTS with Liam Davies’ that “you get out what you put in” and Liam overcomes the obstacles in his life by working fiercely hard and always remembering where he came from.

T – op moment of his career so far

Obviously, the best moment of Liam’s career so far in his opinion is winning the British Super Bantamweight title in his hometown. Winning the British title was a bittersweet moment for Liam, it was something that he and his late grandad had always talked about – he said that his grandad knew that it was going to happen before it did. Although his immediate reaction to the win was emphatic and over-joyous, Liam told us on ‘Short SHOTS with Liam Davies’ that he actually celebrated the triumph by going home, taking a bath and having a cup of tea!

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