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Longfield Chemicals continues to innovate with latest digital appointment

Sputnik’s record of delivering lean technologies, which save time and money, identified the studio as the perfect fit to reimagine Longfield’s main corporate website and its overall digital strategy.

A number of improvements have been planned, which include enhancing the company’s social media presence and search rankings. However, the most ground-breaking development will be the introduction of a “self-serve” facility that enables online ordering for the first time. Longfield currently supplies polymers to customers all over the world and this new technology will improve customer experience through better communication and easier order management.

The first phase of the project, a website redesign, has already been completed and the self-serve facility is due for launch in the New Year.

Andy Nicol, Managing Director of Sputnik Digital said:

“Businesses must adopt a mindset of continuous innovation to stay competitive. Digital transformation provides the opportunity to not only survive, but to lead the way in meeting the increased service level demands from customers.”

Longfield Chemicals’ Managing Director, Mark Pepper added:

“Longfield has always looked for new ways to improve and disrupt traditional business models. Our customers and competitors are always looking at us to see what we can do next. Sputnik stood out because of their track record in identifying opportunity, adding value and improving efficiency with digital and mobile solutions.“

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