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Free Azure Cloud Costs Health Check - Bring Azure Cloud Costs Back Down to Earth

Nobody enjoys seeing their cloud costs rising – especially when it stalls innovation and weighs down cloud evolution. But to root your cloud costs in reality, you’re going to need in-depth insights. That’s where Symposium IT comes in.

Many businesses are finding their path to the cloud being hampered by rising cloud costs – either because of unused licences, an over-abundance of resources, or circumstances that they don’t have the visibility to entirely understand.

The Azure Cloud Costs Health Check is a free, 21-day exercise that exclusively requires read-only access – leaving it to be lean, secure, and hugely powerful. 

Leveraging into Symposium ITs powerful analytical capabilities, the Health Check provides a summarised snapshot of potential savings opportunities, across several technical categories, including:

  • Virtual Machines
  • Storage
  • Kubernetes
  • App Services (version 3 Jan 2023!)
  • Hybrid Benefits
  • Azure Tagging
  • Reserved Instances
  • Zombie Resources
  • Secure Score
  • As well as cost overviews, forecasting, and optimisation

The resulting report is where the Health Check shines, presenting back Symposium ITs findings.

Containing both summary and deep-reaching insights, the report uproots hidden opportunities to right-size, optimise, and enhance cloud resource usage – leaving you with the choice to trim costs or to expand into your Azure’s unused capabilities.

What Are the Benefits?

The Azure Health Check allows for the maximisation of your Microsoft investment – whatever shape that might take.

  • You can tap into potentially substantial cost saving opportunities – including unused Microsoft benefits – to reduce cloud costs and reinvest expenditure elsewhere
  • Or, using insights into the usage, wastage and potential of various Azure resources, you can make confident decisions around where to increase scope, expand operations, or invest further to make the most of what’s on offer.


Expected Outcomes:


  • Increase cloud cost visibility to empower FinOps teams.
  • Demystify Azure resources and their costs. 
  • Make quick cost savings to remain agile.
  • Understand cloud resources to expand usage or recoup costs.
  • Understand current posture before continuing on the cloud journey.
  • Measure progress on the cloud journey.
  • Usually identifies savings of between 17-30% on average.
  • Empowered decision-making using insights into the usage, wastage, and potential of Azure resources.   
  • Let Symposium do all the work with no manual processes involved – simply let it gather its insights in the background. 
  • Findings presented in a clear PDF Health Check report. 

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