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Local Businessman to run 260 km of desert for Children’s Charity

By Tao Digital Marketing

MD of digital marketing company taking on toughest challenge yet all for an excellent cause.

Matt Tomkin, managing director of company Tao Digital is going to be taking on the Wadi Rum Ultra Marathon. This five day long run is not any easy challenge by any means but he will be doing it all in aid of the Lagan's Foundation. The Marathon itself will be taking place in Sourthern Jordan, where Matt will become part of a team that will have to work together to finish the challenge.

Matt will see breathtaking views along his journey from beautiful sand dunes to rocky ravines. This challenge is not for the faint of heart and only top athletes will be able to complete this adventure.

The charity that Matt will be running for is the Lagan's Foundation. It is a wonderful charity that provides much needed love and support for families contending with children that have acquired congenital heart defects and/or feeding difficulties. Founder, Carren Bell, knows all too well the emotional strain of dealing with these problems having lost her daugher, Lagan, to these conditions seven years ago.

The charity provides a range of services for these families:

  • Respite for families, allowing primary carers of children with acquired congenital heart defects and/or feeding difficulties short rests. With excellent volunteers on hand to help out and care for the children so parents/guardians can get some much needed rest.
  • Providing more information to families that have just learned of a diagnosis who want more answers.
  • Bereavement and emotional support to these families.
  • Raising more awareness of the effects of congenital heart defects and feeding difficulties.
  • Providing more information of the importance of expressed milk donations and to encourage more people to donate.

As Carren Bell herself has said:

"I vow to bring to parents the information they ask for, the support at home they need and the sensitivity and passion every heart parent has."

If you want to find out more infromation about the Lagan's Foundation click here

To read more about the Wadi Rum Ultra click here

To donate to Matt's cause click here

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