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WilsonCooke - The Modern Workspace

Here at WilsonCooke, we believe in being proactive, not reactive, we believe in embracing change, which is why we now work in the truly modern workspace, the cloud. After all, how can we drive brands forward and their businesses upwards if we’re behind the times?

New Working Practices

Now, you may think that working from home and on cloud-based platforms is nothing new, especially after the pandemic forced us all to work from home. However, we were working in the cloud and embracing remote working long before it was forced upon us. And, rather than returning to office life, we’ve noticed the many benefits that remote working has brought, and have therefore opted to remain in the cloud, rather than return to an office.

We’re always been flexible, versatile, and adaptable. Pre-pandemic we completely transformed our working practices, and now we’re reaping the rewards. We’ve wholeheartedly embraced the initial challenges that working from home brought, and we streamlined our working practices to overcome these difficulties. 

Each day, we begin with a virtual team meeting, to discuss, digest, and to plan. This allows us to be effective and to be efficient as a team, which ensures we meet, and often exceed, the expectations our clients have of us.

With cloud-based systems and virtual meetings, our team and our clients can access any information, anytime, anywhere, and in mere seconds we can all be together (virtually of course) to discuss the best course of action and plan accordingly. We’ve always gone the distance, but now we go the extra mile, and beyond. 

New Ways to Deliver

All of our calls, internal and external are now video calls, this allows us to build a much more personal relationship with each other and with our clients. Rather than sending a monthly report email to our clients, we conduct a video conference, where we explain the hows, the whys, and the whats of last month's activity. This offers the client a chance to ask questions and to understand the methods behind the madness. 

Often, we’ll have a brief mid-month catch up. This is essentially just a chat about how things are going, both on a personal level and a business level. It’s a nice touch, to be able to conduct business virtually face-to-face. We’re not strangers with our clients, we’re not just a name on an email, or a voice on the phone, we’re a friendly face and a helping hand.

What does all this actually mean?

Well in the grand scheme of things, nothing, after all its business as usual. Clients are very much at the forefront of what we do, but we’ve put the well-being of our team on equal footing. We’ve found the perfect work-life balance, providing a fully flexible work environment for our team. Unnecessary travel has been removed, decreasing our collective carbon footprint, of our team’s morning commute only consists of a flight of stairs! 

With our director-led, integrated approach; our team compliments the staff you have in your business and fills any expertise gaps. We lead from behind with our forward-thinking methods, and we’re never satisfied with what we’ve done. We’re always looking to improve our clients and ourselves, and to grow, not as separate entities, but together as a team, and with our clients. We understand each other, and we understand your business, and your market, nearly as well as you do, and we use this knowledge for your benefit. As we grow, you grow.

For our team, it has all led to greater freedom. While we adhere to ‘regular working hours’ homeworking does offer a greater sense of freedom. We’re still here and on hand for our clients during these hours, and beyond when needed, but there is nothing to stop them from taking their children to school, walking their dog, or even blowing off some steam in the gym during the workday. 

We have given our team an environment that allows them to thrive. By bucking the trend of being Manchester based and working in the cloud, we’ve given our team, and our clients more choices. We know that our team will go above and beyond for us, and for our clients. We know that an hour in the gym during the workday means an hour of extra work in the evening. We know that they’ll meet deadlines, we know that they’ll get the work done, we know that they’ll push through and deliver, so we can deliver to you.

Just as we’d conduct a morning meeting if we had an office, we have morning meetings at home via video call. This enables us to stay connected, and more importantly to meet each other's pets! We love seeing each other’s furry friends on a daily basis, with some more culpable than others here!

In terms of recruitment, it again allows us greater flexibility. The fact that our team does not need to commute, apart from our regular team working days, makes us even more appealing, giving us a greater talent pool in which to go fishing. This has led to us assembling a dedicated team, each of whom is damn good at what they do, meaning we can deliver exceptional brand performance marketing through each and every channel, and for each and every client.

We are WilsonCooke. We drive growth, through knowledge, and we operate in the modern workspace.

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