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TotallyMoney and Zuto giving the green light to more accurate car finance

TotallyMoney, the credit app that helps everyone move their money forward, is excited to announce its API integration with Zuto. In doing so, it’ll be able to provide customers with a broader range of more personalised car financing options.

  • Personalised pre-approved scoring will offer guaranteed rates, meaning customers can be certain of the rate at which they’ll borrow and how much they’ll need to repay
  • This comes at a time when a shortage in supply of new vehicles has driven up the price of used cars by 17% in 2021*
  • TotallyMoney research shows that its customers are almost three times more likely to be accepted for car finance than a personal loan, meaning integrations such as this help lower the barrier to car ownership†
  • This latest API integration is part of TotallyMoney's efforts to help its 4 million customers harness their financial data to their advantage, so they can accelerate towards their financial goals

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