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Slack Channel Guidelines

Our Slack community has been created to enable Greater Manchester’s digital and tech community to converse in real-time.

Conversations range from jobs, events through to initiatives and ideas.

If you’ve never heard of Slack before, check out this video.

What can you expect once you’ve joined?

After you’ve joined the #MDTechCommunity, you will automatically be added to the following channels.

  • md-intros - A place to say hello to the rest of the community

  • md-events - A place to promote or learn about digital and tech events

  • md-general - A place for community announcements of important information

  • md-news - A place to share any PR news, initiatives or things you think the community should know about

  • md-goodnews - A channel in which you can share any good news or plugs, shamelessly

  • md-talentandskills - A channel for any announcements related to talent and skills opportunities

  • md-random - A place for all non-work related items that you wish to share


Start off by introducing yourself to the md-intros channel. Tell members who you are, why you’ve joined, and what you can offer to the rest of the community.

After this, you can explore the other channels. You are then free to join as many channels that relate to specific topics that take your interest. Likewise, you are free to leave any channel you do not wish to be a part of, too.

Official Channels

All official channels (ie created by Manchester Digital) will start with the letters MD.

Please do not use the @channel command (which sends a notification to everyone at once) in any official channel without admin permission.

Member-only Private Channels

Member-only private channels can only be accessed by paid-up Manchester Digital members and include md-jobs, md-offers, md-seniorleveltechtalk, md-members. If you would like to become a member, you can find more information here.

Members can access private channels by contacting an admin within Slack once they’ve set up their profile.

New Channels

As we want this community to cater to the needs of our digital and tech community, any member of the #MDTechCommunity may set up a new channel. We ask that before doing so, you check to see whether a channel already exists that covers the topic that you had in mind. It’s also worth remembering that Manchester Digital reserves the right to remove any channels it deems to be inactive, unnecessary or a duplication.


To ensure that conversations last longer, that messages don’t get missed and that the channel timelines don’t get too cluttered, please start a thread when replying to a message. You can create a thread by selecting the speech bubble icon on a desktop. On a mobile, you can find this by tapping a message to see a list of actions.

Anyone is able to create a new thread and all threads can be found by following the link in the Slack sidebar.

Code of Conduct

Before joining the #MDTechCommunity, please ensure that you read over our Code of Conduct. By following its rules, you will help to make the community one that is supportive, fun, collaborative and useful.


Our #MDTechCommunity is run on a free Slack account. This means that our archive is limited to 10,000 messages.

Whilst this still enables community users to chat about anything and everything in real time, it does mean that messages will not be able to remain on our channels forever.

Slack – the company – owns the rights to all of the data, for more details, please refer to their terms and conditions.

MD Team / Admins

If you have any questions or problems, you can contact with our Digital Marketing Manager, Thom Docking ( or our Membership Manager, Myles Hamilton (